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It’s very likely you heard that there are many benefits to exercising and you know that you should be doing some but it is so easy to find excuses, such as it clashing with your favourite TV programme, a tough day at work and not having energy left or I have settled down and its cold outside.

These excuses are nothing new so how can you motivate yourself to exercise regularly?

Once you get into the habit of exercising regularly, it can be addictive but at the same time pleasurable due to the releasing of endorphins which in turn makes you feel healthier and better about yourself. So when the next time you think about missing a session, remember how you feel when you exercise.

Social Saturday
Keep smiling even if it’s 8 weeks on lockdown. We are although one half has worked throughout 👏🏻🙏🏼 we just keep on smiling.
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Have You Lost Weight But Have Now Plateaued?

5 Tips Tweaking Weight Loss If Your Calorie Counting

When we look at the foods we regularly eat and your everyday exercise routines, it may surprise how a little fine tuning can make big changes and big rewards. So much of a change could lead to a weight loss of over 50 pounds in a year.

100 calories extra can be burned by adding a extra 20 minutes of exercise, which can be 10 pounds of weight loss by the end of the year.

If you have a breakfast of porridge or coffee and a croissant, by switching to a meal replacement shake would save you 250 calories per day which can equate to 18 pounds in a year.

Salads are great but if your eating it drenched in dressing could mean your adding approximately 1000 calories per week so reduce the dressing could be the equivalent of a 16 pound weightloss.

Are you someone who loves a chocolate bar when drinking a coffee or tea, if you switched the bar to a protein bar, you could be cutting as much as 600 calories a week, which could be 9 pounds in a year.

Swapping your usual dessert six times per week to a piece of fruit could save you 200 calories which can be 10 pounds loss in a year.

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‪If your serious about getting results via WeightLoss, weight gain or lean muscle email info@1wishfit.com to book a free online consultation ‬
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Posted @withregram • @onewishfit Wacky Wednesday –
3 stages of working out 💪🏻
And then we have the one that didn’t 😂
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Tasty Tuesday
We all have our go to snack but when we snack a lot we should be aware of a calories and empty ones.
30.3g carbs -50%
11.3g fat – 42%
4.3g protein – 7%
Protein Bar
Carbs 15g – 44%
Fat 4g – 26%
Protein 10g – 29%
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Mythbuster Monday
There is a lot of chatter and misinformation spread all over social media and the news.Try having a media detox and limit just 1 hour a day and you’ll see the difference it makes.
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Super Saturday
A message from us to you. Be you not what others want you to be.
Stay Strong, Stay Safe!
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Thoughtful Thursday
Out of the mouth of one so young he has belief. What’s stopping you? Now is time to be creative, inspirational, purposeful.
You can do it!

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Not the clearest of images but we do have over a 100 more ideas for snacking

Tasty Tuesday
Since the majority of us are staying at home we are more tempted to snack more but what’s ideal to avoid to piling on the pounds? The diagram has some ideas and we have over a 100 more if these aren’t sufficient.

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Mythbuster Monday
Is staying at home eating and finding your putting on a few pounds? The diagram opposite shows how much work is needed when the diet goes off course. If you find your piling on the pounds 1wishfit has exercise and wellness programs to fit all budgets.
Come out of lockdown being in the best shape you can be by getting a free wellness evaluation and how we can support your health journey. Direct message us or email us.

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