10 foods that can last longer in your fridge

Have you ever started having a snack then realise it’s out of date? Well below are 10 foods that can have longer life in the fridge:-
-Blueberries – Crisper drawer in original packaging, 5 to 7 days
– Cabbage and cauliflower, Crisper drawer 7 days
– Leafy greens, Crisper drawer 5 days
– Eggs, Original carton in the main body of the fridge Raw in-shell, 2 to 4 weeks; hard-boiled, 7 days
– Yogurt. Original container 1 month
– Cheese, Dairy drawer, Soft cheeses, 1 to 2 weeks; hard cheeses, 1 month
– Root vegetables, Refrigerator door, 2 weeks
– Cucumbers, Crisper drawer, 7 days
– Nuts Fridge, 6 months
– Lettuce , Crisper drawer ,7 day
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