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Healthy Homemade Snack

Garlic and Rosemary Sweet Potato Chips

A quick, savoury and healthy snack


Olive Oil 0.5 tablespoon

Garlic Clove

Sweet Potato


Sea Salt

  • Pre heat oven to 200 degrees
  • Position rack in centre of the oven.
  • Whisk together olive oil and garlic in a small bowl.
  • Brush a baking sheet with half of the oil mixture. 
  • Place potato slices on sheets in a single layer and brush tops with remaining oil.
  • Sprinkle with rosemary and salt.
  • Place baking sheet on centre oven rack.
  • Bake for approximately 10 minutes or until edges begin to curl and brown.
  • Allow chips to cool on baking tray and serve with a dip – salsa is my favourite to have with this.

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Women’s Running Award

Ideal snack before an intensive workout, game or training. Low in calories but also give you chocolate fix without the guilt @herbalifenuttition

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