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5 Signs You’re Not Eating Enough Protein

Signs You’re Not Eating Enough Protein
Protein is a cornerstone of eating healthy and weight loss. Protein can be found in foods we eat everyday, poultry, eggs, fish, dairy, meat, legumes, nuts, seeds, soy and whole grains. Having a higher protein meals can help reduce hunger and extend the feeling of satiety.
For men the recommended daily allowance for men aged 19-50 is 56 grams and for women 46 grams per day but ideally to be more specific calculate it by 8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.
Signs of needing more protein is

  • Your becoming prone to stress fractures
  • loss of muscle mass
  • constantly getting ill
  • always in a bad mood
  • nails are brittle and hair growth is slow


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