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Thoughtful Thursday
Happy 100th birthday greetings to Colonel Tom former Captain. A true inspiration to not giving up and thinking of others. 1wishfit salute you!
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Posted @withregram • @onewishfit Wacky Wednesday –

Sort of think a lot of people can relate to this some days ????wacky #wednesday #humour #fun #fitness #live #love #laugh #staysafe #staystrong #1wishfit

Tasty Tuesday
One of our clients sent this to ask if this was healthy? A great question because most foods have labels but deciphering it is difficult when it’s not the traffic light system.
If your curious this was supposed to be a protein bar but this is 400 calories packed with high sugar, high carbs and very little protein.
To learn more about how to read food labels DM us or email info@1wishfit.com

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Tasty Tuesday
Plain scones (packet version) and something I haven’t made since childhood. No flour available in the shops ☹️ but these didn’t come out too bad. Be warned these may have a few extra calories if your on a calorie deficit diet. Simply made by adding milk to the contents mixed and baked in 25 minutes in total.

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Mythbuster Monday
When lockdown is over it’s unlikely we will not return how we were. We will have to create a new way of living @jenifermadson1wishfit #mythbuster #monday #newlife #thoughts #notthepast #quotes

No Gym, Well here’s some ideas of ready made gear you already have 

Gyms and a particularly loaded one is a luxury, but you may not realise it  but it’s not necessary. All you need is probably in your home.

Items such hand towels, backpack, unopened cans can get a full workout. Here’s a few tips you can use 

A Gallon Jug of Water Shoulder Press

Start by having feet approximately hip width apart or in a seated position. 

Bring the water jug to shoulder height.

Exhale then press the jug straight up over your shoulder.

Embrace your core when pressing up and try not to overarch your back. 

Bring the jug slowly back to your shoulder. 

Repeat the other side after completing all your reps.

Couch Bulgarian Split Squat

Step about 3 feet away from the couch with feet hip width apart. 

Facing away from the couch, place one foot on the couch with your toes curled underneath your foot.

The weight should now be on your left foot, bending your knee to 90 degrees. 

At the same time bend your back leg until it hovers above the ground. 

Exhale, then straighten your legs to standing.

Inclined Pushups

Start in a high plank on a couch or chair, hands on the seat in line with your shoulders.

Keep your body in a straight line from head to hips to heels.

Bend elbows to a 45 degree angle from your ribs and lower toward the couch until your chest touches the cushion. 

For advanced, reverse this by having your feet on the couch, 

Hands in a high plank position 

Lower chest to the ground and elbows bending backwards not outwards

Exhale when returning back to start position.

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Fitness Friday
There is a lot more focus on our health at the moment and what we can do to improve it. A blog will following later how a few simple items around the home can help perform simple but effective exercises.
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Wellness apple word cloud collage health concept background

Self care shouldn’t just be about what we do to our body, it’s really what we put into it as well.

“Comfort food” proves how powerful what we eat is attached to how we are feeling. This would be a ideal chance to make smart choices  to boost our mood with the right food. For great self care nutrition can be enhanced by eating well. 

Sounds simple but it is not always easy. If your struggling to make yourself a priority with a little “me time” this then can affect our emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.

Here are some tips 

  1. Cut out the processed foods.
  2. Eat mindfully
  3. Get the right balance – we find our shakes helps enormously with this.
  4. Fill half of your plate with fruit and vegetables.

If you follow the tips above you’ll be going a long way to creating a healthier, active lifestyle because your nutrition will have improved, along with your emotional wellbeing. 

For more advice or interested to know more about our healthy eating plan email info@1wishfit.com subject “wellbeing plan”

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Mythbuster Monday
There is many more acts of kindness around particularly in this time.
Unexpected kindness also doesn’t need to displayed on social media either.

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Setup Sunday
To look forward to limitless possibilities by limiting how much news you take in.

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