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Day: 8 June 2020

Mythbuster Monday
Fat is back! Yet healthy fats works for your health, by absorbing antioxidants and vitamins and also making you feel more satisfied after meals and snacks. Fats are high in calories compared to protein and carbs, providing twice as many calories per gram.

Good Fats to Look Out For and Portions

Almonds – 30g/10z is approximately 164 calories, 14 grams of fat.
Nuts are approved for diets ideal for Supporting the heart and the brain but try and stick to just a handful per day.

Olive Oil
The Tv Chef’s go to cooking oil but the recommended amount without racking up the calories is 1 tablespoon whether its for frying or adding to a salad. The ideal one is Extra Virgin.

Rich with monosaturated fats but portion size is key. It is recommended 1 third not a whole one .

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