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Day: 15 June 2020

To challenge common held views about diabetics particularly Type @.
Myth buster Monday
Today we are going to highlight 5 most common diabetes myths.
1. People with Diabetes Cannot Eat Sugar
Possibly the most popular myth and that diabetics have to have a sugar free diet. Diabetics need to have a balanced diet which can include some sugar in moderation.

2. TYPE 2 Diabetes Only Affects Fat People
Yes Type 2 diabetes is often associated with being overweight and the obese, but in fact its not totally true. In fact 20% of people with type 2 diabetes are underweight or normal weight.

3. People With Diabetes Should Only Eat Diabetic Food
This is a another common myth than has been growing in the last decade. The label ‘diabetic’ is often used on sweet foods. More often sugar alcohols, or other sweetness, will be used instead of sugar. Diabetic food will often still affect blood glucose levels, also expensive and may cause adverse side effects.

4. People With Diabetes Go Blind And Lose Their Legs
Diabetes is a leading cause of blindness and also may cause many amputations each year. However, those that control blood pressure, glucose, weight and stop smoking will increase their chances of staying complications free.
To help support this maintain annual diabetic health checks.

5. People With Diabetes Are More Likely To Be Ill
People with diabetes are not likely to have colds or other illnesses. For diabetics their main issue is managing blood glucose levels which could lead to infections or severity of a illness, hence why many GPs recommend flu jabs.
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