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Splenda is almost 600x as sweet as sugar
Artificial sweeteners are food-like products designed to mimic the taste and flavor of sugar and other sweeteners… with minimal amounts of sugar and calories.
For a very long time, it was believed that because these “fake sugars” added zero-calories to our diet, they were a better choice.
You’ll often find artificial sweeteners in foods labeled as “sugar free,” “no sugar added,” or “diet”.
Research continues to show an association between increased consumption of artificial sweeteners and certain health conditions, such as cancer and diabetes.
Also, most artificial sweeteners are several times sweeter than traditional sugar.
For example, Splenda is almost 600x as sweet as sugar. That’s just craaazy.
This can cause your taste buds to get used to overly sweet foods and make you MORE addicted to sweet foods.
Do you use artificial sweeteners?

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