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Self care shouldn’t just be about what we do to our body, it’s really what we put into it as well.

“Comfort food” proves how powerful what we eat is attached to how we are feeling. This would be a ideal chance to make smart choices  to boost our mood with the right food. For great self care nutrition can be enhanced by eating well. 

Sounds simple but it is not always easy. If your struggling to make yourself a priority with a little “me time” this then can affect our emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.

Here are some tips 

  1. Cut out the processed foods.
  2. Eat mindfully
  3. Get the right balance – we find our shakes helps enormously with this.
  4. Fill half of your plate with fruit and vegetables.

If you follow the tips above you’ll be going a long way to creating a healthier, active lifestyle because your nutrition will have improved, along with your emotional wellbeing. 

For more advice or interested to know more about our healthy eating plan email info@1wishfit.com subject “wellbeing plan”

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Our mission is to improve the well being of many.

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