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Onion & Tomato Bake with Goats Cheese
A family meal on a budget which will take 10 minutes to prepare, 45 minutes to cook and bake in one dish.
4 garlic cloves, finely sliced
6 onions, halved keeping the root intact.
2 tablespoon of olive oil 
2 x 400g cans of chopped tomato 
1 teaspoon of sugar
85g white breadcrumb
125g log goats cheese, crumbled
First, heat oven to 220/200c fan/gas 7. Place onions in a steamer and cook for 20 mins, or until tender.
Secondly. Put the olive oil and garlic in a shallow flameproof casserole dish or a large frying pan. Cook gently over a medium heat for around a minute, trying not to colour them. Add the tomatoes, sugar and half a can of water. Simmer for 10 minutes until it becomes thickened, then season. Add the onion halves cut side down in the sauce and simmer for a further 5 minutes.
Thirdly, transfer to a baking dish, sprinkle over the breadcrumbs and goats cheese, then bake for a further 20 minutes, until bubbling and golden.
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