4 common factors that can affect weightloss regardless of age

1. Stress – which affects us all differently, but living in a constant state of worry won’t help anyone with their goals. Stress affects you by raising your blood sugar and affect your metabolism. Finding a exercise you enjoy can help you to get back on track.
2. Alcohol – this doesn’t mean to cut it out completely but it’s easy to overdo without realising how many calories your consuming, be mindful.
3. Activity level – may seem obvious but regular exercise can go a long way to long term weight management. This doesn’t mean 5K run a day. Find something you enjoy. Try our online classes 😉
4. Support- don’t think this is a solo project, working in a group or a partner can make a huge difference in motivation. Talking to your partner to look at healthier choices when grocery shopping can also go a long way towards your goal.
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