Carbohydrates have gained a reputation for being the enemy, thanks to plenty of convincing popular diets that warn against them. But are carbs really bad news for weight loss?
Complex carbs such as oatmeal, potatoes and whole grains provides our bodies with energy and stops us from overeating.
There again if we overindulge on carbs.
5 tell tale signs would be
1. Feeling bloated
2. Weight gain
3. Breakouts (adult acne)
4. Feeling tired all the time
5. Trouble sleeping

Here are 5 signs that your not having enough carbohydrates
1. Feeling exhausted
2. Bad breath 😷
3. Immunity down
4. Struggling to lose weight
5. Moody
Carbohydrates are not the enemy because our body needs to function properly and the more active you are then the more you will need to consume.
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