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Peanut Butter Bliss Balls

Peanut Butter Bliss Balls

14 Medjool dates, pitted
200g raw or roasted almonds
4 tbsp 100% natural peanut butter
1 tbsp cacao powder
1-2 tbsp water, if needed

Line a baking tray with baking paper.
Place all of the ingredients into a food processor and blend until a dough begins to form.
Using your hands, roll tablespoonfuls of the mixture into snack-sized balls.
Pour the crushed peanuts onto a plate or flat surface and roll the balls in the nuts to coat.
Return them to the prepared tray and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
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Breakfast and your body needs to start the day

My breakfast made to setup a energetic, and giving us everything our body needs. A balance of healthy carbs, protein and healthy fats, hydration and energy to face the day. Takes less than 5 minutes to prepare.
Want to hear more? DM how you can feel as good as we do.
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A quick and easy healthy snack

Egg Muffins
A quick and easy snack idea. The base ingredients are the obvious- eggs, salt and pepper to taste and any ingredients you would like to add, ie ham, cheese, vegetables.
– Once cooled they can be stored in resealable bags
– ideal for breakfast, lunch or snacking
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You cannot outwork a bad diet

If you haven’t heard the saying that you cannot outwork a bad diet you have now.

It’s all about having a calorie deficit.

If your looking for some ideas and motivation why not try our 10 day inch loss challenge, 5 workout slots per week, healthy meal ideas and snack ideas.
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There is no doubt- Abs are made in the kitchen

Abs are made in the kitchen. Therefore what you eat is more important than how much you exercise if you want to see defined abdominal muscles.

If your looking to reduce belly fat, have more energy and feel better we have a simple program to kick start your journey.
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A 10 day program to lose weight- ask us how

Hands up if you’ve put on lockdown pounds?
– Does your clothes no longer fit?
– Are you struggling to walk up the stairs without being out of breath?
– Too tired to keep up with your kids?😊
– Then our 10 day program can kick start you to being revitalised.
– Drop us a message to see if what we offer is compatible.
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Making a beetroot spread or dip

Roasted Beetroot Hummus
Beetroot is full of B vitamins, iron, copper, magnesium, and potassium.

Roasted they have a subtle sweetness, and a twist to traditional hummus. Added with tahini, garlic and spices. It’s versatile to use as a spread or dip.

Serves 6
* 1 small beet
* 1¾ cup cooked chickpeas, drained
* zest of 1 large lemon
* juice of half a large lemon
* pinch of salt and pepper
* 2 large cloves garlic, minced
* 2 heaped tbsp tahini
* ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
* Preheat oven to 190°C and roast beet for about 1 hour. Make sure beet is wrapped in tin foil. Allow it to cool in fridge to room temperature.
* Once beet has cooled, peel, quarter and place in food processor. Blend until almost smooth. Add remaining ingredients except for olive oil and blend until totally smooth.
* Drizzle with olive oil as hummus is mixing. Taste and adjust seasonings as needed. If the mixture is too thick, add a little water.

A real healthy alternative to chicken breast

Here is a alternative to eating chicken breast and costs less

Chicken is still popular amongst meat eaters and the breast is the most popular part. Yet many neglect thighs.
– Chicken thighs despite being smaller, are closer to the recommended 3-4 ounce serving of protein which makes it easier to keep portion sizes in check.
– What you may not know is they pack more zinc, one of the most important minerals in he body.
– Can be cooked in less oil and in their own fat to stay moist during cooking
– The fat in the thighs are the healthy type. Most of the fat is monounsaturated. Most of the saturated fat will be found is in the skin of the breast as thighs so simply remove before cooking.
– Most important they are more affordable!
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Round 2 of our 10 day challenge closes today

Day 10 has arrived and we’re so excited to see the results of this latest challenge.

If you are looking to change your mom/dad bods then a 10 day challenge to drop a inch or more might be what you need
– online exercise classes
– nutrition advice
– exclusive supportive community group
– snack and meal ideas
– online coaching
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A simple, versatile meal – Spanish Tortilla

Spanish tortilla
Suitable for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Freezes very well too

8 eggs beaten
3 small potatoes, cooked and cut into 1cm cubes
Onions, sliced into small pieces
Red and green peppers

– Heat the oil in the frying pan
– Pour eggs into the pan
– Add the vegetables and coat with the egg
– If your unable to coat the egg add more egg or smaller vegetable pieces
– Cook gently for about 8 minutes
– Then you can either place a plate over the pan, tip the omelette into it and cook the other side, or finish cooking under a gentle grill
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