Our First Live Social Media Video Went Well

Have you ever put off doing something because you was worried about what others thought? Or have you put it off but then decided to go ahead and realized why did you worry? The video is why is an example. It’s called procrastination. The result of airing a live online workout was 3 people took part yet 100 people watched. That’s not why I did it, It was my birthday and I wanted to celebrate what I do but also highlighted that a lot of time people watch what you do.

Social media is todays modern day television, a kind of reality television. We are huge fans of Gary Vanyerchuk and David Goggins, simply because they are passionate orators about not worrying what others think.

Believe more in what you do and what you are, procrastinating is a killer of dreams. Move forward and succeed!!

Written By 1wishfit

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