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About us and our mission


Hi and welcome to our Healthy, Active, Lifestyle website. whether your looking to lose weight, gain energy, our build muscle keep looking out for our helpful tips, because we don't just say it we do it also.

At the moment we are still developing the website and we hope to add plenty of value.

A little bit about us. 1wishfit came about to expand and share our knowledge of being active, healthy and how that fits into any persons life regardless of age or ability.

We aim to show nutrition, health and exercise tips to help you the reader become healthier. We firmly believe in 80% nutrition and 20% exercise and this site will show how simple it is to achieve.

Whilst we are developing the site, your more than welcome to visit our Facebook page or email us on

Please keep coming back to view any of our new content.

Look forward to seeing you soon




+44 0121 339 5002 or our Facebook page

Welcome to our page and I hope you find the content interesting and would like to hear your thoughts. Email info@1wishfit and the best way to contact you or can also look at all our social media onewishfit on twitter and Instagram or our 1wishfit Facebook page.

We coach you to get into the shape you desire!


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