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1wishfit’s Mission

1wishfit 19 Jul , 2020 0 comments Uncategorised Active, Business, Health, Knowledge, Lifestyle
1wishfit has a mission to help as many people to get healthier and more active. We want the world to feel how we feel. The image above is a snapshot of our ambitious plan but it’s something we will achieve.

The last 5 months has highlighted the need to look after our own health hence why sales of our health products has skyrocketed. Despite this there’s room for huge growth.

we would love to hear from you if your seriously interested in being part of this exciting mission.
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Looking For A Career Change?

Looking for a new career challenge in the health and wellness industry?
Help customers achieve their health and wellness goals as you embark on a journey to becoming a more successful version of yourself.
Whether you are currently working in the health and wellness industry and looking to create a second income around your passion, somebody with experience running a home business, a health and fitness enthusiast, or recently left the armed forces and are motivated to start a new challenge, we want to hear from you!
You will be provided with full training on how to effectively support customers — working to your own income goals that fit around your needs and personal commitments.
As one of our coaches, you can also progress to become a team leader and lead other coaches in your team — with bonus income available.
If you would like to be part of a thriving team then please apply ASAP for an informal conversation.
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Fear Can Hold You Back

1wishfit 02 Jul , 2020 0 comments Uncategorised Business, Extras, Knowledge, Lifestyle, Spiritual
Thoughtful Thursday
A quote from @michelleobama .
One of the best motivational books that was ever was written “feel the fear and do it anyway” by Susan Jeffers.
We allow fear to stop us doing things we know what will benefit us. Take time to think of one instant when you was afraid of trying something and when you didn’t give into that fear you succeeded and questioned why was you afraid in the first place?
Don’t let it beat you!
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We are looking for new team members

Scan the QR code below to receive more information

We will be doing weekly Q&As for anyone interested in health and fitness. No one should feel ashamed of wanting a little more to provide more for their families and this is a way to supplement your income. If your willing to work the rewards are there. #workfromhome #stayathome #parents #extraincome #active #healthylifestyle
Scan the QR code if your serious about earning an additional $500 per month and with some hard work and very little investment you will see how much that can help to change your life

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