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The Best Core Exercise

A exercise that we use often in our classes. Called different names such as Bear Crawl or Inchworm ? what do you call it??. The image shows how to step by step”. Important to mention in image 5 not to drop your hips to avoid back strain. Add it to your home workout to develop a stronger core, stronger shoulder joints, also leg muscles.
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Fitness is more than just a physical journey.

Social Saturday
Fitness is more than just a physical journey.
We have met so many people where lasting friendships have been formed. Bringing people together to offer support to each other and having the best times.
We’d like to think we offer more than just a workout but some fun along the way and a chat.
The online classes are no different. Chat, laugh and workout.
Have a great Saturday ??

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If you’re concerned about taking time out to drive to the gym to workout for 45 minutes, to then been asked to leave and shower at home. Why not join us online in the safety of your home. Not only will you be saving fuel costs but you will be saving on cleaning your car seats ??.

Join our online workout community without paying unnecessary expenses. Every Monday, Thursday and Saturday morning at 10am.
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