Why Volume Eating Is the Ultimate Weight Loss Hack

Why Volume Eating Is the Ultimate Weight Loss Hack

Losing weight by eating more is like winning the weight-loss lottery , it sounds too good to be true. But when you look at the calorie density of the foods you’re eating, the chances are you can totally cut calories but add more volume to your meals.

Swapping some of the high calorie foods that you consume for options that are lower calories but higher in nutrients can help you maintain a calorie deficit while warding off hunger. Here are some examples on how to.

Volume eating can help but first of all ditch “the more food equals more calories” mentality. Replace high calorie foods with low calorie, nutrient dense foods. Examples of such foods are vegetables, for instance leafy greens, which have higher water and fibre, therefore you can eat more in a day. For examples, Spinach = 7 calories per cup,
Lettuce = 7 calories per cup
Cabbage = 22 calories per cup
Brown rice = 150 calories per half cup

Lean protein
Chicken breast (3.5 ounce) =165 calories per serving
Non fat yogurt =129 calories per cup
Cottage cheese = 110 calories per cup

If you frequently find yourself looking in the snack cupboard ?then you might have to start eating more higher volume density foods in your meals to keep calories low and support weight loss.

To be able to start doing this it may take some time regarding meal prep but it can help staying in a calorie deficit and provide your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs. Try also to be creative and experiment with your meals.

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